Climbing Experience

Rock climbing is an incredible experience that develops the ability of the mind and body to work in harmony.

As the mind focuses and becomes quiet, your fears, daily stresses and concerns drop away. The mind’s ability to solve problems is sharpened as it works to quickly plot a sequence of moves. Strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance are enhanced. Solid Rock Gym is dedicated to providing an environment where this experience is within reach of first-time climbers, and where experienced climbers can train and hone their skills to achieve new heights. Through the use of state-of-the-art indoor climbing walls and climbing specific training apparatus, Solid Rock Gym brings all of the physical challenges of outdoor climbing into a comfortable and controlled environment. While the physical structure of Solid Rock Gym offers climbers of all levels an opportunity to climb, it is Solid Rock’s committed and experienced staff that provide the instruction, encouragement, and inspiration that sets the tone of the gym and makes it one of the best facilities of its kind anywhere. Whether you’re a one-day guest adventurer, or a long-time member, we look forward to making your climbing experience the best it can be.


Bouldering is climbing done close to the ground, where a safety rope and hardware are not necessary for protection, although a friend standing by is often employed as a “spotter” to help keep you on your feet when you pop-off. This type of climbing allows you to focus solely on technique, enabling you to make repeated attempts at difficult sequences which may otherwise be beyond your ability. In this way, bouldering allows climbers to add new and difficult climbing moves to their bag of tricks. While some climbers use bouldering as a training tool for longer (and higher) routes, many consider bouldering to be a sport in its own right. Some of the most technically difficult climbing moves in the world take place on non-descript boulders just a few feet off the ground!

Solid Rock’s bouldering areas are a great place for beginners to learn balance and technique before casting off for the greater heights of the top-roping walls. For experienced climbers, the bouldering areas offer opportunities to push the body and mind to their limit, with repeated attempts at steep, difficult boulder “problems,” or long, forearm burning, traverses.


Top-roping is climbing while protected by a rope that runs through anchors placed above the climber’s intended route. A belayer is employed to take up slack rope while the climber ascends. If the climber tires or loses his/her grip, the rope is tightened, preventing a fall. Top-roping provides a climber the same safety as bouldering, except now the climber’s range is increased in height. This allows beginning climbers to have a safe and exhilarating climbing experience at the heights usually reserved for more experienced climbers, while advanced climbers can work-out moves on routes of extreme difficulty or climb a continuous series of endurance-building “laps” on more moderate routes.

Solid Rock is a top-roper’s dream! Scores of belay stations offer safe access to literally hundreds of climbing routes. Climbers of all levels are sure to find dozens of routes that challenge and build their climbing skills. With new routes being set by SolidRock’s dedicated and creative route setters, there is no end to the variety and number of climbs you will be able to experience.

Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is climbing while protected by a rope that is clipped to anchors as the climber ascends a route. The anchors may be placed by the climber as he/she climbs, or the anchors may be in place, such as the bolts used for protection in Solid Rock’s many lead areas. A belayer is employed to feed out rope while the climber ascends. If the climber falls, he/she will freefall past the last clipped anchor until the rope catches and absorbs the energy of the fall, bringing the climber to a stop. Lead climbing affords experienced climbers the safety and freedom to explore the vertical realm with as much energy and intensity as they wish.

Solid Rock’s many lead-climbing areas include caves and arches and are the finest artificial lead walls anywhere. Many different facets and angles challenge and inspire both the fledgling lead climber and seasoned veteran. Protection bolts are everywhere, providing a safe, exciting lead climbing experience. Many climbers get their first taste of the “sharp-end” of the rope in Solid Rock’s lead areas, enabling them to practice and refine their skills in a safe and controlled environment before venturing out to one of many great climbing areas within a day’s drive of the gyms.