Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts Group Event

Indoor Rock Climbing Patch

This is an innovative program designed to introduce Boy Scouts to basic rock climbing.

The program is taught by SolidRock’s highly trained instructors, all of whom have honed their rock climbing skills on real rock in outdoor experiences. Scouts will learn how to use our climbing equipment, learn climbing commands and the necessity of communication while climbing. The Scouts will also get to boulder and top rope.

This program is taught in a single two-hour session. Upon completion, the participants will receive their very own embroidered INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING PATCH.

COST: $15 per scout + nontransferable $50 deposit at the time of the reservation. (minimum 6 participants)

Boy Scout Merit Badge Program

This program emphasizes safety. Our superb program, facilities, and professional instructors are “Climb-on-safely” trained and certified. Our professional instructors teach and explain safety, climbing history, types of climbing, climbing equipment, climbing knots, teamwork needed to climb successfully, climbing techniques, rappelling, and much more.

Participants will learn all information over the course of two separate two-hour sessions, for a total of four hours.

COST: $15 per session/per scout + nonrefundable $50 deposit per session at the time of the reservation. (minimum 8 participants)